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Box Relay and the workflow Goldilocks Zone

With Box Relay, Box and IBM have pitched a product into the Goldilocks Zone of ‘just enough’ content collaboration workflow – not too simplistic as to be little better than email and spreadsheets; not too over-engineered as to put people off for relatively small content processes. This year’s BoxWorks conference gave us a slew of...


Tackling disruption through IT Business Partnering

A recent LinkedIn post by Marc Dowd (You must become a disruptor) makes no bones about the fact that the pace of change brings many dangers for slower moving organisations. Harvard Business Review recently talked about executives expecting ‘moderate or massive’ digital disruption in the next 12 months. Lower startup costs and the proliferation of consumer IT contribute to a general lowering of barriers to entry to many areas of business, creating an extremely dynamic and ever-growing competitive environment.