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Banking on Biology with DLT

Since I returned from Hong Kong I have been researching a prospect that would draw upon experience, expertise and technology from Banking and FinTech, and apply to it solving some of the core challenges in the Biotechnology sector. “Critical Issues in Bioinformatics and Computing” published in the journal Perspectives in...


Rethinking Education in the Digital Age

Have you considered how the traditional textbook author/publisher, teacher, student and parent relationship should change as a result of digital transformation?  In this article let’s explore how this traditional process can be greatly enhanced with digital technologies.  Traditionally a physical textbook is published in one format for all students.  Sometimes,...


Point of View – Digital transformation; managing and understanding data

What’s keeping me awake at night – the imperatives for CIOs. The single biggest challenge and yet biggest opportunity for today’s finance industry CIOs is making sure data is an asset and not a liability. How can CIOs at finance institutions embrace technology innovation? How can they discover, integrate and...