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Digital and Marketing Leadership Series: Efrat Ravid, CMO ContentSquare

In this episode we dig deep into website analytics and customer journeys with digital marketing expert and ContentSquare CMO Efrat Ravid.  We explore the topics of romance in France, website habits in Germany, how to use activity-based analytics to help businesses understand exactly what content is working and effective, plus...

“I was born this way” – (What Disco & Rugby can teach us about Peak Performance)

“I was born this way!” So said the disco singer Carl Bean on his 1977 Motown song. Of course he was referring to his sexuality, and in that disco scene his performance, a rallying cry, ignited a great passion and struck a chord with many… you could even say this call to arms...

To Delete Or Not To Delete — That Is The Question

There seems to be confusion in corporate America about whether or not to delete data. On one hand, there are legal departments that advise keeping everything forever, and on the other are those that recommend deleting everything as a matter of policy as soon as possible — whacking away at files and folders on your file servers like a drunk landscaper whirling a weed whacker around your yard. Meanwhile, IT is stuck in the middle trying to develop and engineer systems to enforce ever-changing data retention policies.