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HealthTech: Things are Looking App

Could treating our bodies like cars reduce healthcare costs by 80%?

Technology, Digital and Change Recruiter La Fosse Associates recently interviewed Rabin Yaghoubi, former Chief Commercial Officer for Babylon Health and ex-director of Google. Rabin discusses innovation in the healthcare space, why disruption is slow but substantial, and how the UK could soon emerge as HealthTech’s leading global player.

Digital Ice-breaking

I was recently doing a bit of networking, talking about how we’re using digital exemplar projects as a key enabler to drive our wider digital business transformation. For those who read my blogs, you’ll know I can’t resist a good analogy and the analogy I always use for this is...

Change Management

Change platforms change comes from the grass roots

This is an interesting article, for emerging Mutable Businesses, from McKinsey. It was pointed out to me by John Blackham, CEO of XSOL, a New Zealand company producing what can fairly be described as a “change platform”, based on advanced business process modelling. A key insight is that change doesn’t...

Jim DuBois

Jim DuBois, former Global CIO of Microsoft to speak at CIO WaterCooler Live! London

CIO WaterCooler Live! is back, and the next edition promises to be another fantastic gathering of the UKs foremost CIOs and IT leaders. Heading up another superb speaker line-up, the WaterCooler community welcomes fellow member, Jim DuBois, former Global CIO to share his story on the transformation of Microsoft. Opening...