CIO Insight: Why CIOs Need to be Post-Modern

Christine H. Ashton FBCS, CISSP

I have held Global CIO/CTO/SVP/ NED digital roles for 20 years . My experience is in driving business and technology transformation and disruptive agendas in large scale , customer focussed and complex data driven corporations inc: Media, Information and data services, Consumer Retail and Telecomms, Oil & Energy, Utilities, Integrated Transport, Global Chemicals Manufacturing and Supply Chain. Non-Executive Director - 5 year term at H.M. Home Office and Passport Agency. Extensive CEO,CIO, Innovation and Technology advisory board experience over 20 years. Strategy advisor to BCS I thrive where I can be a transformational and a change initiator; leader of high profile global digitisation, product change, organisational and technology re-design to increase agility and leverage innovator and supplier ecosystems I also care very much about the development of the technology industry as a whole to be a diverse and fulfilling workplace. Strong advocate of workplace change and inclusivity. I have championed many initiatives to build a stronger talent pipeline for our industry by encouraging and supporting initiatives to promote young people, minorities and women that have received industry recognition. I am consistently Rated, almost every year since they started, in the CIO/ UK Tech / Women in IT and 'most influential' Industry awards

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