CIO WaterCooler & Cloud Expo Europe ‘The Clinc’ (VIP only)

In two days time the CIO WaterCooler will be co-hosting the ‘The Clinic’ at Cloud Expo Europe – ‘The Clinc’ is a bespoke service for VIP’s which offer’s executives onsite an unbiased consultation with technical experts, analysts, industry commentators and engineers from Arrow, 451 Research, CIO WaterCooler and Gigaom.  Some of our partners for the project (Electric Dog, Solace Coaching & Positive People Solutions) will also be hosting two very exciting VIP only presentations, firstly explaining and demonstrating the importance of social influence to leaders and then how to identify innovators and managing innovative change through Motivational Maps.

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Register your interest in attending the expert-led sessions in The Clinic on the registration form here: 


Daniel Warburton

Over the last decade Dan has been connecting people through and with technology. With a successful background in sales & marketing in both C-level event management and also digital advertising, he brings a unique insight in to bridging the divide between organising face to face conference’s and engagements and also social communities.

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