CIO WaterCooler Focus: GDPR

CIO WaterCooler Focus:


Taking place on the 11th July 2018, Home House, Portman Square, London

12.30 pm - 4.30 pm



Debate: Engaging customers effectively as public interest in data privacy grows

With Phil Coleman, former Group CIO, British American Tobacco and Jason Tooley, VP Europe, Veritas

former Group CIO, British American Tobacco

This debate will address the key point of GDPR, empowering people to take control of their data, and giving them rights to find out how their data is used and, in some cases, to ask for it to be deleted.  This will have a greater impact on industries reliant on direct marketing activities, such as retail, travel, finance or insurance, but any organisation with customers in the EU should expect them to exercise their rights.

This means not only having effective data management practices, but ensuring the whole organisation has a culture of data privacy by default.  This data privacy culture will require staff training, as well as processes and tools to enable employees to manage personal data effectively.

Cedric Prevost, Orange Business Services

Session: How Orange Business Services (OBS) utilise technology to address GDPR for their business and their customers

Speaker: Cedric Prevost - Director for Cloud Managed Services & Security

Session: GDPR - An Inevitable Consequence of Gen Z

Guest Evangelist: Jasmit Sagoo, CTO, Veritas

Jasmit Sagoo, CTO, Veritas

Where has the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) come from? Perhaps in part, it’s due to Gen Z – the young, hyper-connected generation who expect everything online. As organisations have raced to remodel services and build better digital experiences for Gen Z, they’ve unwittingly created a flood of personal data. And now that GDPR is here, the pressure’s on to manage all that data more carefully than ever. This session with review the Generation Z views on data, We’re all Gen Z really and how we think about data today and for tomorrow….