CIO WaterCooler Focus: GDPR

CIO WaterCooler Focus: GDPR

Took place on the 21st February, Home House, Portman Square, London

Our Chair:

We're delighted to announce that chairing the event will be the award-winning Mark Evans.

Mark is Head of IT Rider Levett Bucknall, GDPR practitioner, and former CIO100 member. Mark is passionate about the subject matter and widely considered as a thought leader in this space. Forget the scare mongering, we’ve assembled a group outstanding IT leaders to give you the practical advice on how to be compliant.

Keynote Sessions:

Myron Hrycyk and Richard Thwaite present a CIO's point of view discussing the world of digital transformation and the latest challenges and opportunities that are impacting today's CIO's.

Myron Hrycyk
Myron Hrycyk, former Group CIO, Severn Trent plc
Richard Thwaite, former CIO, Metropolitan Police
Richard Thwaite, former CIO, Metropolitan Police

The New Data Privacy Revolution. Hear from Myron Hrycyk, a former CIO at Severn Trent and Richard Thwaite, former CIO at MET Police regarding their thoughts on the impact of digital transformation and how organizations are creating huge amounts of data and collecting more personal information in a bid to gain competitive advantage and create customer and citizen self-service.

In addition, Myron and Richard will discuss how new regulations, such as the upcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are driving public and private sector organizations alike to review their current information management practices.

Andrew McManus, CTO - Eversheds Sutherland LLP - Eversheds Sutherland turns data into insightful information

Andrew Mcmanus
Andrew Mcmanus CTO, Eversheds

We are living in an era of Data Explosion…. With the increase of unstructured data there is pressure around 3 key areas; End user computing services/ collaboration; Internet of things and finally social media…. All generating huge amounts of data…. Andrew will share his views on the ability to turn massive amounts of data into information and knowledge that will help drive business further forward and ensure data gives the competitive edge as we move towards GDPR be a reality in the business world.

Information relevance and information compliance what does that mean for organisations today?

Other Sessions:

Unlocking and Protecting your Data Assets from a Value and Compliance Perspective

Jasmit Sagoo - Technical Sales Sr Director, Veritas Northern Region

Data is at the heart of Digital Transformation. Ultimately, organizations that are able to put the proper information-based controls in place to ensure good data hygiene will accelerate their Transformation. Alternatively, organizations that forego compliance in favor of expedience will find themselves exposed to unnecessary risk and most- likely suffer the consequences of an information crisis.

The GDPR’s aim is to ensure organizations take data protection seriously. Veritas’ 360 Data Management for GDPR delivers an enterprise-ready compliance solution that accounts for the regulations strictest guidelines and arms customers with a confident governance approach. In this session you will hear case examples of how Veritas’ propriety framework is delivering the tools and services to our customers to ensure they are regulatory Ready and accelerates their digital transformation

Information is currency in the 21st century… Is your data enabling you to drive the right digital transformation in your organisation?