CIO WaterCooler Live – London – 11th June

CIO WaterCooler Live
CIO WaterCooler Live London
@ Merchant Taylors' Hall
Tuesday, 11 June 2019

CIO WaterCooler Live is the premium gathering for the tech leadership community. Built on the ethos that peer-centric collaboration is key to innovation - the Live event provides a dynamic and interactive environment for tech leaders to learn, share and make new connections.

  • Compelling Keynotes from thought-leading accomplished speakers
  • Interactive Roundtables based on realistic business challenges
  • Specialised Breakout sessions on new tech and innovations
  • Several networking sessions for increased cohesion
Your topics
  • Thinking digital - Deploying new tech to enhance business performance and profitability
  • Developing market-leading, innovation-focused teams
  • Ensuring the cybersecurity posture of the business matches the risk
  • Breaking away from traditional borders to embark on new frontiers
  • Educating the wider business around technology and culture
  • Developing a voice and decision-making credibility in the organisation

Event chair: Ruth Leak, former CIO, Royal Mail Letters & Networks

With a career that has taken her all the way to CIO, spanning operational and consultancy roles along the way, Ruth has delivered change for nearly 30 years.  She is very clear that technology must be adopted before it adds value (no shelf-ware please) and that great solutions are delivered by great teams supported by leadership that coaches as well as challenges.  Ruth has successfully given confidence at Board level, including in programme turnaround situations, bringing understanding, rigour and transparency to the management of risk and achievement of business outcomes.

Ian Penny, Group CIO, Hiscox

Prior to working with Hiscox, Ian worked for Barclays as Managing Director & CTO of Infrastructure. He led the firm's initiatives in cloud computing and technology transformation, working closely in partnership with technology vendors, venture capital, and startup entrepreneurs.

Ian has worked in the Financial, Pharmaceutical and Research industries for the past 25 years, leading teams in exploiting data analytics and technology to solve critical business issues. Prior to joining Barclays in 2014, he was Managing Director for Distributed Technology Engineering & Architecture at JP Morgan. Previously he was Managing Director Technology Core Services at Bear Stearns and Director of Enterprise Architecture at Pfizer. He began his career as a UK Government research scientist and has published papers on parallel computing and low latency networking.

Ian Turfrey, CIO, British Medical Association

Ian helps organisations use the right technology to achieve business goals. As technology can transform everything about a company – from processes to culture, Ian works closely with stakeholders from across the business to make sure IT systems support change and drive growth. Ian has led several D major data migration and decommissioning projects to ensure an IT estate is future proof. This generally saves the company millions of pounds while improving security and capability. Ian is passionate about using technology to improve customer experience, collaborating with different departments to find new ways to make customers happy. Whether it’s through better data and analytics, or new apps and products, Ian's has a track record of improving customer retention and conversion through digital transformation.

Highlights from CIO WaterCooler Live

Jim DuBois former Microsoft CIO

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