CIO WaterCooler LIVE London

CIO WaterCooler LIVE London
20 November 2019
8:30 am to 4:00 pm
Merchant Taylors Hall

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CIO WaterCooler LIVE aims to provide a valuable delegate experience, conducive for meaningful knowledge growth and peer-centric networking - all in an interactive and dynamic environment.

Returning to London this November, the LIVE event will feature compelling talks, interactive roundtable challenges, specialised breakout and networking sessions.

Keynotes include:

Jacky Wright, Chief Digital and Information Officer, HMRC


TOPIC:  The evolution of culture in the digital era

Culture is dominating business agendas. Amid constant change - healthy attitudes, productivity and robust organisational structure are brought about only through good leadership. It's important for leaders to define the direction and support the development of the employees to achieve the goals set out by the business.

It's never been more important for tech leaders to understand the new era in culture, in order to lead from a position of awareness and purpose.

Louis Brook, CIO, firstdirect



TOPIC: Shaping innovation for commercial business opportunity

Technology leaders today are increasingly being looked at to drive the future revenue opportunities for their businesses. The ability to turn innovation into commercial opportunity through more than just automation and cost reduction is a capability of increasing importance as the role that technology teams play shifts in the eyes of most CEOs.


Diarmaid Crean, Chief Digital and Technology Officer, Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust



TOPIC: Transforming the NHS: Healthcare’s Technology Revolution

Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust has 5000 employees, 9000 patient contacts per day, 150 locations and over 100 clinical services. The Trust is ambitious as it is vast. Services include proactive mobile nursing, child development, intuitive response to sensitive cases even dentistry for people with special needs. Technology powers these progressive services, but it’s only the beginning. Transforming a complex organisation, particularly where lives are on the line requires buy-in, up-skilling, and passion. In this session Diarmaid speaks about some of the cutting edge, life-saving services they’re delivering through technology.


Mark Ridley, Technical co-founder,



TOPIC: Tech trends 2019: Drones, Clones & Russian Hackers

The world of tech moves quickly - each year, Mark breaks down the biggest trends over the previous 12 months, looking at the largest tech firms, startup investments and technology breakthroughs. This talk ties together technology and business trends and points at how technology may impact us in the near future. In this session, we find out what's happened with robots, drones, machine learning, security and dog surgery. 


Event chair: Ruth Leak, Non-Executive Director, CIO, Technology Advisor


With a career that has taken her all the way to CIO, spanning operational and consultancy roles along the way, Ruth has delivered change for nearly 30 years.  She is very clear that technology must be adopted before it adds value (no shelf-ware please) and that great solutions are delivered by great teams supported by leadership that coaches as well as challenges.  Ruth has successfully given confidence at Board level, including in programme turnaround situations, bringing understanding, rigour and transparency to the management of risk and achievement of business outcomes.  



Join us for a day of compelling conversations on the issues dominating the CIO agenda.

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