@CIOPortfolio: Are Architects ruining Enterprise Architecture?

The signs are not good. A recent CIO Survey reported a big decline in demand for architects. Some highly respected experts are promoting new concepts, such as evolving microservices and “Death Star” diagrams which appear to defy many architecture conventions. I have worked in several organisations where I have been told not to mention architecture because executives are still angry about previous failed initiatives. These are not isolated instances. Visit any of the busy architecture community forums and you will find numerous discussions about the woeful state of the discipline and proposals for how to remedy the situation. My current role is focused on the enterprise architecture aspects of the CIO’s portfolio so this is all a bit worrying. Can we save architecture? Should we try?

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Richard Barton

Richard is a delivery manager and trouble-shooter who helps businesses overcome their toughest IT challenges. He specialises in turning around IT programmes or departments which are struggling with major transformations or are being swamped by new demands. Richard brings a unique perspective acquired through management roles within corporate business services, IT services providers and IT vendors. This insight enables him to unite large teams of business, IT and supplier staff, quickly tackle the root causes of problems and get organisations back on track and delivering successfully. Some of Richard's assignments have been triggered by corporate and industry restructuring, such as the sale of a major business unit. Others have been triggered by problems with large IT service contracts or new digital customer services. Richard is also passionate about developing those involved so that clients and suppliers are better able to deal with their next major challenges. Primary expertise • Getting IT to work for the business – Leading IT delivery from initial strategy, through design and development and on to live operation. This includes generic solutions such as finance and customer service and also bespoke business solutions. • Managing complex programmes – Managing business and IT supplier teams to define, source, integrate and maintain complex architectures. • Programme Recovery – Providing the strategic thinking, leadership and hands-on intervention necessary to get major problem programmes back on track. Specialties: Corporate business systems, programme management, portfolio management, architecture, systems engineering, IT sourcing, aligning business and IT change, HR transformation, digital transformation.

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