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Created to meet the information and networking needs of on-the-go CIOs & IT leaders, our Digital Boardrooms will allow our community to learn, interact and engage with one another wherever they are. Our Digital Boardroom platform is completely interactive and is the ultimate digital networking tool.

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  • Taking Security and Privacy seriously to stay in the game - JC Gaillard, Founder Corix Partnership

    Register for 24th July - 1 pm BST

    JC GaillardBack in 2015, Corix Partners – together with a group of experts on the matter – produced a white paper entitled "Internet of Things, Big Data, Cloud: Take Security and Privacy seriously to stay in the game"   which we are now in the process of updating, as both the technological and regulatory landscapes have evolved considerably over the past few years: In particular, artificial intelligence and privacy regulations have taken centre stage ; two items which were literally in the background in our 2015 piece.

    The session will be run as a focus group with participants testing a number of hypothesis around the theme, to continue exploring the dynamics of value creation and value destruction around emerging technologies


  • The Pace of Change Will Never Be This Slow Again - Are you on the right side of disruption?

    Register for 21th August - 1 pm BST

    For technology leaders, disruption is the new normal. The pace of change is unprecedented and accelerating. New business models are putting pressure on companies to deliver innovation faster. And the competition for talent leaves a lot of teams understaffed and underskilled. To compete in this climate, you need to be able to reliably and predictably create technology skills at scale. Following on from our session at the CIO Watercooler event, we'll discuss new approaches to skills development, assessing your organisation's technology delivery capability, why the skills agenda should be a key factor when making new technology investments and building an agile approach to learning to compliment your agile delivery.