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Created to meet the information and networking needs of on-the-go CIOs & IT leaders, our Digital Boardrooms will allow our community to learn, interact and engage with one another wherever they are. Our Digital Boardroom platform is completely interactive and is the ultimate digital networking tool.

We help our attendees: Learn, benchmark and exchange ideas with likeminded executives around the world as well as expand their personal network.

From DevOps to ArchOps: The New World of Infrastructure Design and Management

Led by:

Paul Bevan, Research Director IT Infrastructure, Bloor Research

Dr. Richard Sykes, Research Director Cloud, Executive Advisor, Bloor Research


24th April 2019 - 1pm BST

In recent time the professional creation of software has been developed to ensure a tight alignment between software and the operations it is intended to enable…thus the term DevOps.

Now the design of technical architectures can be developed to directly enable the operations that the business seeks…leading to a new term, ArchOps.

Join this Digital Boardroom to learn about:

  • Some of the new technologies, like intent based networking.
  • Look at early examples of where they are being deployed.
  • Discuss whether these offer a good way forward for CIOs looking to square the circle of growing complexity and demands for greater resiliency, agility and overall assurance.

The trials and tribulations of transforming from a Top 100 Global CIO to pursue a portfolio career

Led by:

Dave Jones, Interim CIO


21st May 2019 - 1pm BST

Join this Digital Boardroom to learn about:

  • Making the decision to shift towards Portfolio, Fractional and Interim roles
  • Creating, developing and marketing your personal brand
  • Lessons learned and the key differences between permanent and portfolio careers
  • The value of networks and networking
  • Reasons to be cheerful 🙂