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Making Sense of Blockchain (beyond the crypto hype)

Led by David Terrar, Founder & CXO, Agile Elephant


28th February 2019 - 4pm GMT

An interactive discussion around Blockchain and distributed ledger technology for CIOs and business leaders, taking you beyond the hype and beyond the theory to help you decide what works, what doesn’t, and how to plan effective trial and use of blockchain for your company. We will cover:

• What Blockchain is and isn’t
• Why it is so transformational and is it relevant for any Business Model?
• Will distributed trust systems challenge centralised authorities?
• DLT, smart contracts, cryptocurrencies, ICOs and how to avoid the hype
• Show me the money - how and where is blockchain currently being used in practice - real world case studies not just proof of concept
• What implementations and frameworks exist and should be considered?
• How do you get hands on the technology?
• What does the future look like?
• Should you fit blockchain into your strategic plan?

David Terrar, CXO, Agile Elephant

David is a well-known strategist, keynote speaker and influencer on cloud computing, digital transformation, social collaboration and ERP software. As well as advising Bloor Research on blockchain and other topics, he is a Director and Deputy Chair of the Cloud Industry Forum, judges the UK Cloud Awards, and is Founder & CXO of digital strategy consultancy Agile Elephant. He is a specialist in sales, marketing and operations in the technology sector, and guest lectures on digital and social media at Henley Business School and on INSEEC’s MBA programme. David is an advisor and non-exec director for several companies, and a regular host on the tech TV channel Disruptive.Live.