Digital Transformation and the Ignorance Penalty

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  1. Surviving the Three Ages of Digital Transformation
  2. From Digital to Hyper-Transformation
  3. Believers, Non-Believers and Digital Transformation
  4. Forces Driving the Digital Transformation Era
  5. Digital Transformation Requires Agility and Energy Measurement
  6. A Doctrine for Digital Transformation is Required
  7. The Advantages of Advantage in Digital Transformation
  8. Digital Transformation and Its Role in Mobility and Competition
  9. Digital Transformation – A Revolution in Precision Through IoT, Analytics and Mobility
  10. Competing in Digital Transformation and Mobility
  11. Ambiguity and Digital Transformation
  12. Digital Transformation and Mobility – Macro-Forces and Timing
  13. Mobile and IoT Technologies are Inside the Curve of Human Time

Kevin Benedict

Kevin Benedict serves as a futurist in the Future of Business group at Tata Consultancy Services. He is an optimistic futurist, and passionate advocate for using technology for social good. He writes and speaks globally on emerging and disruptive technologies, business strategies and marketing trends. He loves building teams, innovating, designing new strategies and winning. He is curious and loves communicating complex concepts and evangelizing best practices. He hosts a variety of online tv channels where he has interviewed hundreds of executives and thought leaders on industry trends and emerging technologies. He loves writing, is a social media expert, SAP Mentor alum, current SAP Influencer program member and global speaker on the deeper strategies of business and technology transformation.

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