• How to Reboot Stalling Cloud Migration Projects

  • Wednesday, 14th April
  • Registration: 12:25 - Close 14:00
  • Location: Online
  • Attendee Registration

Different industries have invested millions of pounds in migrating their workloads to the public clouds, but there are many pitfalls in the journey and the majority of workloads remain on-premise. Many organisations are finding that, despite best efforts and intentions, the strategy they are executing upon is not realising the intended benefits in the expected timescale or for the budgeted cost. With a focus on Azure, Advanced will explore the top reasons why cloud migrations stall and how organisations can reboot their efforts and get back on track.

Our Keynote Speakers

Matthew Parkins, Director of Technology, Advanced

After many years with Rackspace and SCC, I am now the Technical Director at Advanced. My role within the Managed Services division is to own and drive our technical, product and go-to-market strategies, as well as leading our Pre-Sales Solutions and Service Architects.

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