How HR Analytics play in Digital Age

Today every company is acting on the digital transformation or at least talking about digital transformation. While it is important to drive it by analyzing customer behavior, it is extremely important to understand who from your organization is acting upon it – your employees.

Hence knowing your employees first and then go to explore the outer world of customers, is the best strategy for digital transformation.

HR plays an important role in knowing the employees. As the volume of data available to HR has increased exponentially over the few years. The data on recruitment, onboarding, employee personal data, their training, performance and attrition data can give tremendous insights to an organization.

HR analytics is focused on making the most of the vast amounts of HR data, organizations have gathered as mentioned above.

Collecting employee sentiments, while they are in office is a good way of improving their life. Happy employees go an extra mile to make your customers happy.

Sentiment analytics can be done for all the touch points:

  • How do employees commute to the workplace – office transport or their own
  • How do they find the parking – nearby or hectic to reach to office
  • How are they welcomed in the office – good fresh smell or closed stuffed environment
  • How is hygiene maintained in the office premises
  • How is the canteen facility, food options, quality of food
  • How the official communication flows through employees, what transparency is maintained
  • How is performance measured and rewarded
  • What is the feedback on the onboarding process
  • Emotions due to promotions or rewards
  • What are the main reasons for attrition

These data points can help HR a lot in improving the 8-12 hours employees spend in the office.

Descriptive analytics help analyze the current scenario for HR:

  • Who is performing well and who may need some additional training or support in order to raise their game
  • Where your best employees come from
  • What recruitment channels are most effective
  • Which projects are delivering on time and what are their project pyramids
  • Which band employees are leaving frequently

Further predictive analytics can be used in several ways:

  • Which candidates are likely to join your organization
  • Which new hires will become your highest performers in two years
  • Which employees are likely to churn and join other organizations
  • Which band or grade employees will leave early
  • Which skills will be in most demand next quarter and later
  • How many billable employees needed to achieve the revenue targets

HR analytics open new ways to recruit, train, and engage employees. Benefits include a streamlined hiring process, better-prepared & unbiased recruitment managers, reduced attrition and higher customer satisfaction.

Sandeep Raut

7th Rank in Global Top 100 Digital Transformation Influencers Delivered speech at India Analytics & Big Data Summit at Bangalore on "How Machine Learning is helping in Digital Transformation" on 4th Feb 2016 Delivered Thought Leadership speech at Unicom - India Analytics & Big Data Summit on "Big Data Analytics disrupting industry" Delivered speech at IIT Mumbai on "Analysing Big data for disruptive innovation" Delivered a keynote speech at Rizvi College of Engineering on "Fraud Detection & Prevention using Analytics" • Director for Digital Transformation in Syntel. • Has more than 29 years of IT Services / Consulting / Off-shoring experience • Over 18 years in Business Intelligence space. • Had helped organizations in establishing the BI-Analytics Services CoEs. • Had spearheaded several marquee accounts and was significantly instrumental in building new business for the practice as well. • Had successfully initiated, mentored & deployed various strategic consulting services & solutions like Digital Transformation, BI Strategy Planning, BI Offshorization, BI Development/Deployment, Campaign Management, Inventory Optimization which resulted into multi-million dollar business. • Had developed & managed Customer relations with Global players across USA, UK & Asia Pacific. Specialties: Digital Transformation, BI & Big Data Analytics Banking and Financial Services, Healthcare LifeSciences, Insurance, Retail Manufacturing - Supply Chain Management

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