Intuition versus Machine Learning – The Future Leadership Dilemma

Marianne Hewlett

Creative communicator, storyteller, marketeer, IT girl, sustainable business developer and social media explorer. Senior Vice President at Atos, connecting people, business and technology. Chief Marketing Officer Benelux & The Nordics Head of Global Business Communications & Content Additional activities in my portfolio include: * The Innovator Network BTN and chairing the Innovation Steerco BTN * Wellbeing@work for clients * Leadership for Women * The Happiness Initiative

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  1. “Vive la différence” (“long live the difference”).
    I mean difference as professional diversity.
    Every new knowledge that start to become popular, works like a wave amongst two fluids with different densities.
    During a whle, meantime the two fluids do not mix completely and we see such divisions…. until it turns into a new (and cristalized) paradigma.

    That’s life.

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