Is RPA right for your business?

Chris Weston

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  1. Raj Fowler says:

    More people need to to hear this Chris. I have been in meetings where RPA is the answer but people are not listening to the truth of the matter.

    I particularly like “The bottom line is that cost savings from RPA are quietly leveraging further technical debt that incurs much greater costs in future. They often assume a removal of a large number of operators in a very short space of time in order to build a business case. The business cases can be manipulated like the O2 example where people are reassigned with ‘zero’ cost. Wider issues such as security and business continuity are rarely considered – each of those RPA subjects could be the subject of a blog on their own.”

    A proper digital strategy is needed where the right technologies that enhance business performance are selected, the right teams with the right culture and environment are nurtured, technical debt is removed, stability, security and throughput are improved whilst continually focussing on the value to and experience of the customer…

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