Join our next Digital Boardroom – Leadership in the Digital Journey with Craig Ambler

Leadership in the Digital Journey

Led by Craig Ambler, Interim CIO, St Andrew’s Healthcare


15th November 2018 – 1pm GMT

Craig Ambler

Craig Ambler, Interim CIO, St Andrew’s Healthcare

Leading a digital journey within any organisation is not about the ‘digital’ part. Leading a digital journey is about tapping into your emotional intelligence and resilience and focussing on the people, the culture and the engagement.

Join me as I take you on a journey of you as a leader of yourself with techniques and experiences to keep you energised, emotionally resilient and focussed on business agility and social interaction.

Andrew Pryor

With 20 years experience building networks and engaging with CIOs and IT decision-makers, I've been advising companies on the best way to raise their company's solutions profile, understand the issues they are looking to solve and engage with the most senior decisionmakers in Europe's biggest organisations. With a keen understanding of the changing role of the CIO and the challenges they face, I've most recently been producing conferences to bring CIOs face to face with the technologies and business strategies that can make them meet those goals.

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