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Caleb Mohon


Enabling Digital Business Transformation


Since starting out in business, I have been involved in five start-ups, advising tens of organisations, teaching hundreds of students, milking thousands of cows and writing many thousands of lines of code.

Experience in technical and business advisory, helping my clients enabling Digital Transformation, building Business Cases, useful Enterprise Architecture and demystify “Technology-Speak”.

Always learning and ever refining:

– For successful change to happen it needs to be one step at a time and this seems to apply to people, process and technology.
– There may be useful reusable patterns in business and technology (and milking cows) but these should refined, they are not laws set in stone.
– Technology is only the solution when it addresses the needs of people or business, so be clear on the need before delivering a “solution”.

Yes, I come with academic qualifications in Information Technology, Business Management and some less relevant professional certificates, having co-authoring papers on ecommerce and the impact of technology on small and medium enterprise.

When you need some extra help to solve complex business and technology problems, I look forward to hearing from you.



Job Title

Chief Technology Officer

Industry Sectors

Management Consulting


Sheffield, Yorkshire