Elizabeth (Beth) Coleman






Elizabeth (Beth) Coleman


Knowledge Centered Service (KCS) Specialist – Catalynk


I help improve the competitive advantage of your business, focusing on service excellence through customer experience and internal leadership development.

Providing consultancy, facilitation and project leadership in:
Knowledge Centered Support (KCS℠) and Prosci®
Service innovation assessment, strategy and approach
Integration of people, process and technology in new and continuous improvement initiatives
Improving service and overall customer experience by leveraging innovative technology
Course design, training and facilitation of service innovation processes
Design and implementation of idea management systems
Coaching teams to self-manage the service innovation process
Process analysis and design for quality, customer experience excellence
E-learning and online business development solutions

GALLUP® Top Strengths: Achiever, Activator, Strategic, Command, Futuristic, Learn, Individuation.
Entrepreneurial Profile key talent: Activation – Entrepreneurial outlook and an ability to identify strategic opportunities that directly benefit customers, the company and partners.

@ideaspipeline NZ: +64 21 325 461 US: +1 510 629 5119 AU: +61 3 9028 8995