Jenny Radcliffe

    • Practically speaking, What differentiates a Black Hat versus White Hat is that either it’s passion to do something extraordinary, Passion to exploit, Passion to explore weakness & technologies ; flaws. And next priorities are money, fame, recognition. When White Hat does the same it’s called ethical since it is order to explore exploits and close the security loopholes at various application, network, authentication and core layers , wrappers.

      If we don’t hire such enthusiast and passionate skills, somebody who wants disruption and is evil minded extortionate, they will.

      Trusting and moulding such skilled resources towards the benefits and security of our business is the key to success. In my entire career met some of them and I am glad that they contribute towards the benefits of our society, business and human cause by way of social welfare and awareness free of cost.

      So it’s not impossible though, you need a strong logical reasoning and influential power to make them adapt towards the good cause.

      Enjoyed this sense of humour and the ideology behind the article. Last but not the least we can’t prevent identity theft and misuse 100% however if we use these same thinkers at our side, we can at least combat using corrective and preventive measures.

      Appreciate the article.