Kevin Trill

I have been working in technology related areas for over 30 years, 20 years + as a senior leader. My speciality is in the travel sector, especially business travel. Having run IT, Digital and SaaS / Online support Teams I have skills to complement these including Leadership, Project Management, project rescue and helping companies grow the bottom line and overall turnover. I enjoy combining my IT and Digital skills, travel industry knowledge and applying these to business challenges in or out of travel. A little more about me: - - Adept at explaining how IT / Digital systems work behind the scenes to non-technical people - Adept at explaining why the business needs something to the technical team - Able to grasp complex inter-relationships global systems across many different business units - Many years experience at deploying and supporting SaaS solutions to thousands of users - Passionate about building and maintaining a professional reputation for my teams - Skilled at troubleshooting and problem resolution - Pragmatic get on with it approach while supporting best practice methods such as Agile, ITIL - Understands complex world of travel, especially business travel, systems and business needs So why would want to work with me? - I have managed teams directly responsible for a portfolio of tools transacting £400m+ annually - Broad understanding of IT from networks to servers, cloud, hybrid, virtualisation - Broad understanding of Digital platforms and the needs of marketing, developers - Broad understanding of business intelligence, insight tools and CRM - Enjoy mentoring / coaching staff - Enjoy working with business units to ensure the technical teams are aligned - and quite a nice guy I welcome connections via Linked-In from people I know and or have met. I also welcome new requests from people with new opportunities, but I do not accept all invitations and may ask what inspired you to ask to connect to me if we do not know each other.

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