Nathan Hallam

I have worked in SaaS digital workplace platform solutions, SaaS digital corporate communications, web design, UX research and design projects, a range of business intelligence and advisory services such as: sales, marketing, communications and IT research and advisory services and consumer insight services in both corporate and agency environments. Interact help you get the most from the intelligence that sits within your organisation. Intelligence that’s locked away: in people’s heads, across enterprise applications, somewhere in the cloud. We do this by giving you feature-rich intranet software that adapts to how you work; unlocking your collective knowledge by connecting the people, tools and information across your digital workplace. The Interact digital workplace enables our clients to drive employee engagement, collaboration and productivity by combining our rich digital experience (DXP) and intranet platform with dedicated customer success services to allow clients to create multiple digital estates (intranets, portals and extranets) from a single CMS.

Key Skills and Qualifications: Digital workplace integrations that drive the value of IT across the organisation

Industry Sector Knowledge: Digital workplace, intranets, enterprise app integrations, saas, O365, digital transformation

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