Philip Alton

Over the last 18 months, I have founded Helix Tech (a health technology start-up company), and drawn together a team of Software Engineers, Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Mathematicians, Medical Researchers and Medics, to start developing technology solutions for some of the most ordinary, to some of the more complicated challenges facing healthcare as it moves into the digital age. Our design concepts are rooted fundamentally in user-centric, care-focused, agile, flexible and individualised philosophies; believing that customisability is inherently connected to safety and effectiveness. Technology solutions must be tailored to the clinical situation – not the other way round. As a Junior Doctor, broadly read in engineering, I have a good vantage point from which to understand both the inherent limitations of our current medical computer systems, and the incredible power that might be wielded with well-designed software and hardware solutions in order to bring about safer, kinder and more cost-effective care. My vision, for my company, is to develop and deliver health technology; which both enables healthcare teams to deliver high-quality, safe, effective and cost-efficient care; and empowers patients: with knowledge regarding their ongoing care, to become invested in their own health. In short: health technology – by users, for users; for patients: to advance care and quality of care.

Industry Sector Knowledge: Hospital & Health Care

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