Vince Warrington

I'm a Cyber Security & Information Assurance professional with a passion for changing attitudes towards how we protect our data, whether that be on a professional or personal level. My aim is to move businesses, charities and government departments away from traditional IT Security to a model where everyone in the organisation works towards the common goal of protecting information through joint responsibility and coordinated thinking. I'm a member of the Information Assurance Advisory Council ( and the UK Cyber Security Forum (, and I'm working towards increasing the number of females, minority groups and those with Neuro Diversity in cyber security. I also believe that security businesses must evolve to create the environment required to encourage people into the profession, which will help ease the current predicted shortfall in trained experts. I have worked on a wide range of projects for a number of organisations, including; - GlaxoSmithKline - Diageo - Euromoney Institutional Investor - Aramco Overseas Corporation - Metropolitan Police Service - Foreign & Commonwealth Office - HM Treasury - Skillshare International I founded Protective Intelligence as I discovered that traditional IT Security, whilst becoming increasingly effective against some forms of attack, was poor at preventing accidental data leaks and extremely weak at delivering effective security awareness training. Our goal is to move organisations away from relying upon technology alone to reduce risks, and foster a culture where everyone understands the role they have to play in protecting data.

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