Most desirable IT skills for 2017

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  1. Each of these actually contain multiple skills at different levels, and the specific skills will vary from organisation to organisation, and even sometimes within a single organisation. It is important for any organisation to be specific about their requirements for a number of reasons, including when recruiting or developing existing staff. Best practice in this area globally is to use the Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA), which is currently at version 6, and is available in 6 languages for download from the not-for-profit SFIA Foundation. SFIA provides the common language for skills at a number of levels, and these descriptions provide consistency and act as components when building a role profile or job description. SFIA is also used to measure the skills and competencies of an individual, to support everything from development to recruiting and beyond. Most users of SFIA can use it under a free licence – organisations and individuals using it to manage and develop their staff or own development, it’s only commercial use which requires a fee-paying licence.
    Matthew Burrows, SFIA6 Design Authority, SFIA Accredited Consultant and Trainer.

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