Our Latest Peer Research – IT Service Management Survey

The CIO WaterCooler recently invited CIOs from a mixture of industries, size of companies and regions to share their organisations position with regards to the importance their companies have placed on IT Service Management; the challenges they face implementing these change.


Had a fantastic level participation, with some really open and informative feedback from our respondents. Of all the IT Leaders we questioned there was overall agreement that IT Service Management provides value to their organisation, with 81% believing that ITSM is providing good value for the level of investment.


The perceived value is important, with 50% of respondents allocating more than 2% of their total budgets to ITSM, and 27% of the respondents were allocating between 5% and 10% of their budgets on IT Service Management.


For sure, the future of IT Service Management investment looks healthy with 24% of respondents seeing an increase in spend over the next 12-24 months. That drive comes partially from larger organisations, where we see greater numbers seeing an increase, as well as ITSM frameworks being implemented in more business functions.


We’d also like to thank our ITSM Survey partners, a massive thank you to both itSMF UK and LANDESK for their continued support throughout our campaign. All in all, a great project with some really interesting findings.

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