Outstanding CIO/CDO-Leadership is about refraining from nonsense too

Frank Hilderts

1. Taking responsibility for realization of success 2. Fast improvements, not just brilliant analysis 3. High impact, not just big teams 4. Track record / leadership success / standing / capability 34 mandates / projects in 5 countries in 15 industries for 24 companies (world champions, big and midsized companies) after 15 years career in leadership positions up to CIO on board-level at wall street-listed company. Recognized as an accomplished expert for IT management. STRATEGIC ADVANCEMENT • Enterprise Digital Transformation (digital integration, -automation, -ecosystems, -workforce, etc.) • Data Science for reliable business decisions • Operation architecture (process-, application-, system-architecture, data infrastructure) OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE • Restructuring, Acceleration, Streamlining, Sizing • Order-to-Cash (O2C), Procure-to-Pay (P2P), Record-to-Report (R2R), etc. • Outsourcing, Shared Service Center, Competence Center… • IT Transformation / IT Turn Around CRISIS-LIKE SITUATIONS • Stability and direction urgently needed • Impending merger or acquisition (M&A) • Post-merger integration (PMI) • Bringing a bifurcated department back together SPECIAL EVENTS • IT Due Diligence / Post Investment Boosting • Wide scale data breaches

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