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Digital Transformation and Jettisoning the Baggage

Organizations today must transform themselves and jettison the heavy baggage that comes as a result of decades of institutionalized methodologies and paradigms, developed and codified in an analog era – an era operating at a far slower operational tempo.

Enterprise IT in 2020: A Minimal Viable Vision III

  IT Next Generation of Cyber Security The traditional forms of security SAST, DAST and WAF which are reactive and focus on treating symptoms rather than affecting a cure will, in a perimeterless world, result in fast diminishing returns. Some of these...

Digital Transformation – The Dark Side

All digital transformation initiatives introduce new problems, software bugs, guaranteed network vulnerabilities, new competitors; new business challenges and new stresses. The elimination of all negative consequences and vulnerabilities are impossible, so our focus should be on limiting and containing it, not eliminating it.