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Slack nurtures its Amazing Teams in London

Last week I attended Slack’s Amazing Teams event in London – the first customer event that the real-time communications flavour-of-the-month has hosted in the UK. Because this was the first one, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was impressed by the way the event was structured and organised, and particularly with how it balanced  the need to support existing Slack adopters with a marketing remit.

Headlining the show was April Underwood, Slack’s VP of Product, who delivered the key corporate positioning, emphasising Slack’s mission “to make peoples working lives simpler, more pleasant and more productive”.


IoT: Sensors working overtime

It’s not just the data, it’s what you do with it that counts. Organisations everywhere are striving to get to grips with what the Internet of Things could mean for their products their infrastructure, and the devices their customers and employees carry with them.

I was at London’s ExCeL centre recently for a new event, Smart IoT London. It’s part of an expansion of last year’s ‘festival of the expos’ that now sees exhibitors and speakers from Cloud Expo Europe, Data Centre World, Cloud Security Expo, and Smart IoT all vie for the a share of the same crowd. Which does rather make for somewhat confused delegate profile!

Understanding Big Data – Are Big Data Analytics Your Friend or Enemy?

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAh7AAAAJDU3MzhmN2MxLTQ4ZTEtNDBkNy05NGEzLWJiY2I3NGMxZWJlMwThe term “Big Data” is highly reminiscent of terms like “Big Pharma”, and it has a tendency to make consumers and professionals alike a bit nervous. However, whereas Big Pharma refers to large pharmaceuticals companies with market sway and seemingly countless political lobbyists, big data simply refers to the exponentially rapid growth of large data sets and the ability to analyse them.