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A Data Breach Is Inevitable: 6 Ways to Protect the Organization Before It Happens

Esther Schindler recommends original article from: Druva Top businesses have smart people working in IT and Information Security. So why do we suffer from so damned many breaches? It might be because the vulnerabilities are no longer where the experts are patching weaknesses. Read the article..

Evolution of Business

I came across this interactive guide of the history of Cloud – An interactive look at cloud computing’s beginnings, it’s impact on today’s organisations, and the innovations that lie ahead; and I wanted to share it with you all.   Read the article..

Chief Digital Officer

The rise of the Chief Digital Officer?

At a number of the conferences and seminars I’ve attend recently there has a number of discussions about the role of the Chief Digital Officer. There seems little consensus on whether a CDO is actually needed, or in fact the responsibilities of the role. Globally it is estimated that 7%...

Shadow IT

Selling IT in the shade

I was interested in reading a recent Nasuni survey on adoption of public cloud storage and although seeing 22% of C-level executives adopting Dropbox came as no surprise, it reminded me of a conversation I had with a marketeer from a secure enterprise collaboration company. I approached him to see...