Change Implementation Disillusion; or the Audacity of Change?

Here are a few golden points.

1 – It is never people that are disengaged but visions that are disengaging.
2 – Many highly competent change leaders perform less while implementing change due to high emotional stress and how the human brain functions. They need an outsider coach to perform best. It is scientifically proven.
3 – Matrix organization is economic but with low team spirit, it increases cost as it decreases production.
4 – Two top bottlenecks in change implementation in order of impact are 1: the leaders and 2: the team. Invest in them before the technology and methodology.

Cost Cutting is Expensive While Effectiveness is Free and Rewarding

“In summary, cost reduction is costly, but effectiveness is free as it pays for itself with increased productivity. The good news is that each one of us at our own levels can create some more effectiveness.”

Looking forward at IBM Connect 2016

IBM’s collaboration strategy gets an overhaul at its annual collaboration conference, IBM Connect, which once again took place in Orlando, Florida in 2016, although this time at a new venue (the Hilton Orlando) for the first time in 10 years....