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How to Capture Customer Data Without Losing Trust

Organizations such as Spotify and the City of New York’s Transportation Department have recently found themselves defending their intentions behind collecting customer data. As firms seek to use customer insights to innovate their business models and deliver better customer experiences, how can they avoid losing customer trust? In this vlog,...

Three Social Login Myths Dispelled

CIOWatercooler recommends original article from: Author: Michael Tarbet Social login myths are holding businesses back from taking advantage of social login’s potential to improve customer experience. Read the article..

Windows Server 2003 Decommissions May Mean Facing IT Debt

How a Windows Server 2003 decommission project may result in having to tackle IT Debt left by previous projects. A common scenario we, at Beyond Migration, have encountered during a Windows Server Migration project is re-visiting technological change and challenges that we part of a merger or divestment that occurred many...