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TekLinks Magical Mystery Tour, The Manhattans Project | 10th Magnitude

What is the “Magical Mystery Tour,” and how does simple conversation between companies help customers? What trends are emerging already? Is barbecue a noun or a verb? Let’s find out!
Special Guest David Powell from TekLinks joins the Manhattans Project to chat.

Conversations with a CIO – Think Outcomes, not Technology

We keep hearing that technology is changing the world.  This is true.  Everything changes, and to survive continual change is a fundamental requirement of all businesses.  Consequently, describing how changes in technology can make the difference to a business is a fundamental requirements for CIOs, but they must explain it in business language.  This means that CIOs need to understand their company’s business culture and environment before determining the best approach to solving organisational issues.

A Guide for Transitioning from Employment to Self-Employment

Over 9 years ago, I got bitten by the entrepreneurship bug, the skies opened wide and high, the choirs sang, double rainbow colours shone and hooray the eureka moment dawned on me that it was time I did something different in my life. Touch this, touch that and there I was; the first venture failed terribly amidst some scattered successes. It didn’t take long before I decided to give it a second shot. Hit this, hit that and again it all failed, again with a few fragmented success. It’s amazing the number of CIOs who think about going solo but have no idea on where to start and how to commence the entire process.

Adopting A Cooperative Global Cyber Security Framework To Mitigate Cyber Threats (Before It Is Too Late)

SecurityFeatureThe recent OPM cyber breach at the U.S. Government’s Office of Personnel Management (OPM) provided a wakeup call to the seriousness and sophistication of the cyber security threat aimed at both the public and private sectors. The fact is that over 43% of companies had breaches last year (including mega companies such as Home Depot, JPMorgan, and Target. Moreover, the intrusion threats are not diminishing. For example, British Petroleum (BP) faces 50,000 attempts at cyber intrusion every day.