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Alfresco’s strategy: 1+1=3

Last week I spent some time with Alfresco in New York for the ‘Analyst Day’ that marked the 2016 Winter launch cycle for new versions of the Alfresco One Enterprise Content Management (v5.1) and Alfresco Activiti Business Process Management (v1.4)...

Role of the CIO

The CIO’s Role in Going Global, Part 1

The global marketplace is quickly becoming a more integrated environment where individuals and businesses collaborate in real time across multiple geographies. This is possible today because of new innovations in technologies and the ability to work seamlessly in virtual space. The development of cloud technologies, as well as the availability of on-demand solutions, knowledge workers, and equipment resources, makes it possible to operate as a global player in a growing marketplace.

Big Data Under Attack

Once again, everybody is talking about China. On Feb. 19, Mandiant, an American security company issued a startling report — the result of a six-year investigation — that makes the claim that the United Sates is in a cyber war with a 12-story building in Shanghai. The private security analyst concluded that the building is home of China’s stealth cyber war division, the People’s Liberation Army Unit 61398.