Phones Frozen Out?

This past week few weeks in the UK we have seen the usual grinding to a halt of the nation as Snow has hit, with many foreign nations looking at how little it takes to bring the UK to a grinding halt, as amusing at its slightest.

For business though, such a simple uncontrollable and unexpected event can be eventful, painful and even catastrophic depending on your business type and how you have planned for such occurrences.  Snow has a wide sweeping effect, but also consider unfortunately in today’s times, terror attacks and the more localised effect on businesses also not able to get to work.

Whenever we experience the snow we see headlines, news reporters and discussions ensuing over the cost to business. Should we not already be mitigating against this and should a simple weather impact be able to affect work so easily in today’s world?

The costs and impact can be as simple as Petrol Stations sales (down 10% last time this happened), building projects stopped and cafes, restaurants, taxi drivers and train operators receiving less throughput. Likewise, there are those whose business requests go up; calls to Gas engineers for failed boilers, to the AA and RAC for car issues and calls to takeaway restaurants for deliveries goes up.

Be it you cannot get to work through being snowed in yourself, the office itself being shut or through having to stay home to look after the kids as their school is shut, the outcome is the same, you are NOT at your desk and for many roles, therefore not able to perform your duties.

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For a customer service, call centre, support or sales environment this can have a severe impact on your clients and your own productivity. For businesses the effect is costly, as if you have not empowered your workers to ‘be able’ to work, you cannot put the impact onto your employees, the law prevents this!

Now assuming that as your impacted so may be your clients is a false sense of security. Not all regions may be affected, your customers may still choose or need to call. If they, themselves, now have downtime due to the weather, they may choose to make that call they have been putting off sorting an issue or order out. Therefore, it can be argued that you may incur spikes of need at a time when your team is weakened to respond.

In today’s world the technology to empower true business continuity, fast and affordably is in reach of us all. Mobile phones, laptops and tablet devices all enable workers to be mobile and have that virtual office and are within financial reach of even the smallest company (in fact you will likely find your employees already have their own tech, often better than you provide to them!).

The missing component today is often the fundamental of your own business phone system. How easy and quickly, when caught short by such as the weather, can you as an employer switch users to fully remote working?  Have their desk phone calls routed to their mobiles, a soft-phone or web-phone and all routing, call queues, wallboards and reporting of calls working as normal.

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You should be able to remotely switch-on a DR policy that makes this happen. Wouldn’t it also make sense to have users able to make outbound calls that come as if working at their desk?

Imagine the snow hits; you make a decision that all or some employees need to work but be remote today; you want all working as normal despite their physical location.  Wouldn’t it be ideal if all the user had to do was to login to your CRM or Service Desk system on any PC (even their own) and be immediately on their desk phone right there from the browser session.

Today this is easy, simple for the user and something you can deploy quickly to even the largest of teams.  You may be reading this when all the snow has thawed and you have moved on in thought to day to day business, seeing the issue as past and not planning to take any further action.  UNTIL it happens again and you wished you had!

Weather patterns are getting worse, terror attacks unfortunately are growing and we can expect increased disruptions over the coming years.

Don’t let your customers and staff be left out in the Snow. In today’s cloud technology world there is no need. The solution to this is practical, affordable and here today. Don’t be giving excuses or apologies, be the one giving service!


Ian Moyse

Ian Moyse, is Sales Director at Natterbox, a Cloud Telephony provider and has over 30 years of experience in the IT Sector, with 25 of these in Leadership roles. He was named #1 on the top 100 cloud influencers list in 2015-2017 and #18 on the IOT influencers list.. He is recognised as a leading cloud Blogger and was listed in the EMEA top 50 influencers in Data Centres, Cloud & Data 2017. Ian can be followed on twitter here > In 2015 he was named 48th most connected on LinkedIn Worldwide and awarded a Linkedin Power Profile as a top 10 Influencer in the UK technology sector. Starting as a Systems Programmer at IBM in the mainframe environment, he has held senior positions in both large and smaller organisations including Senior Vice President for EMEA at CA and Managing Director of several UK companies.  Moyse has been keynote speaker at many events and runs one of the largest Channel Discussion Groups worldwide on LinkedIn. He sits on the board of Eurocloud UK and the Governance Board of the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) and in early 2016 Ian was appointed to the Board of FAST (Federation Against Software Theft) as their cloud advisor. Other accolades to Ian's name include being awarded global 'AllBusiness Sales AllStar Award for 2010' and The 'European Channel Personality of the Year Award for 2011' and he was named by TalkinCloud as one of the global top 200 cloud channel experts in 2011 and listed on the MSPMentor top 250 list for 2011 which tracks the world's top managed services experts, entrepreneurs and executives. Ian was also given the accolade by Channelnomics of 2011 Influencer of the year for Europe Recognition: ✔ Sales Director of the Year 2015 (Institute of Sales & Marketing Awarded). ✔ Sits on the board Eurocloud UK & Governance Board of Cloud Industry Forum (CIF). ✔ 2014 Ranked 9th w/wide in top 50 most influential people in Sales Lead Management (SLMA) ✔ Klout Social Score 79 ✔ TalkinCloud global top 200 cloud channel experts 2011 ✔ Listed on MSPMentor Worldwide top 250 list for 2011 & 2014 ✔ Listed in top 25 of the w/wide SMB Nation 150 Channel Influencers list 2012 & 2013

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