Tech Talk

Tech Talks – Episode 184 with Jeremy Nicholds, CEO of Judopay

Is Britain ready to go cashless? Today’s guest is the CEO of Judopay, Jeremy Nicholds. We’re chatting about fintech and more importantly the future of payments. Jeremy has pledged to go cashless for 2019; find out if that’s a challenge and what issues he’s run into!

WB40 Podcast

WB40 – Episode 103 -The Politics of Data

On this week’s show we speak to Darren Timmins about data in organisations.

We also have another episode of I must read it again from Mark Wilson who tells us about The Innovator’s Dilemma.

Tech Talk

Tech Talks – Episode 183 with Edd Elliott, Programme & Marketing Manager, PUBLIC

Edd is the Programme Manager for GovStart, PUBLIC’s pan-European startup accelerator focused on working within the public sector. We chat about the mindset needed to work with government, the opportunity available across Europe through collaboration, and what surprises Edd about the tech sector!

Human Factor

The Human Factor – Mark Carney

In this episode @LargeCardinal aka Mark Carney talks about his wide ranging career in IT and retro computers. His unusual route into the profession, and his views on the industry. A fellow Liverpudlian Mark has expertise in many different areas and is the founder of Bsides Leeds.