Human Factor

The Human Factor – Joe Petit

Joe works at both Tripwire, where he is Managing Editor and Bora the IT Security Marketing agency helping companies with their SEO, blog content, whitepapers, social media, lead generation &...

Human Factor

The Human Factor – Brett Johnson

On this episode, Jenny chats with Brett Johnson, a Former USA Most Wanted Cybercriminal and known as THE Original Internet Godfather.

Brett is a Cybersecurity, Cybercrime, Fraud and Identity theft expert, who uses the skills he learnt as a criminal to help law enforcement, individuals and companies protect themselves from the type of person he used to be.

Listen in, as Jenny and Brett chat about how he got started in cybercrime, his time on the run,  and eventually being caught and sent to prison. They discuss his experiences inside and how he has taken responsibility for his actions and is on a mission to educate us all about cybercrime!