Tech Talk

Tech Talks – Episode 179 with Hui Wang & Stuart Megarry, co-founders of Koala

Today’s show welcomes both co-founders of Koala, Hui Wang and Stuart Megarry. They are on a mission to fundamentally change how travel is booked and experienced. They aim to match solo travellers and provide the unique trips and experiences. We chat about how tech can improve travel and how the business grew out of a personal challenge.

Human Factor

The Human Factor – Ed Tucker

Ed Tucker is the co-founder of Human Firewall, an operationalised security awareness platform that enables a single employee to protect the whole organization. Ed is also co-founder of EmailAuth, a...

WB40 Podcast

WB40 – Episode 99 – Crowdfunding On this week’s show we speak to Gallium Ventures’ Heather Delaney about the world of crowd-funded startups. This week’s internet Yin is this article from The Verge: And the...