Digital Boardroom in 5: How to keep technology at the top of the business agenda

John O’Donovan, CTO, Allen and Overy led an excellent session, chaired by leading CIO, Tony Johnson. It was all about bringing technology to life in the business, demonstrating for stakeholders how it can make work easier, richer, through data and collaborative exchange, to define an adaptable and robust strategy that everyone is bought into.

Ab Initio Semantic Discovery

Ab Initio Semantic Discovery is a data discovery solution offered as part of Ab Initio’s broader data management platform.

Seeker DLP

Seeker DLP finds sensitive data within files on Windows and Macs, across SMB-based file servers and web servers.

STEALTHbits Sensitive Data Discovery

STEALTHbits supports discovery against a comprehensive list of file systems, SharePoint and OneDrive, Exchange, Dropbox, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server.

CIO WaterCooler