TigerGraph (2020)

TigerGraph uses a property graph paradigm and has been designed specifically to support real-time (less than one second) analytics.

Remote connectivity in a hybrid cloud

How can you secure remote connectivity in a hybrid and multi-cloud world?

Hybrid and multi-cloud offer an excellent way to leverage the best of breed features from all of the different providers. However, this does bring added complexity in terms of security. Neil Briscoe, co-founder and CTO, led this in-depth session on the approaches available to businesses to ensure their hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments are fully secure.


Exasol is a massively parallel, shared-nothing, columnar (with compression), in-memory data warehousing solution.

Greenplum Database

Greenplum is a massively parallel shared-nothing data warehouse based on a PostgreSQL kernel.

Digital Boardroom in 5: Taking the technology & business lessons learnt from COVID-19 into our new normal

The pandemic has been a massive learning curve, especially for technologists. Now, there is a substantial opportunity to bottle that pace of change we’ve seen; capitalise on it to fuel continual progress. The Midlands Digital Leaders group tackled this question and derived invaluable insights.

CIO WaterCooler