Hyper-automation, the Why, How and What!

Diageo’s former Global CTO Manish Gupta, shares the hyper-automation journey they undertook, made possible by a business case based on growth, profit and reputation. Manish defines hyper-automation as AI/ML enabled...

Memgraph (2020)

Memgraph is an in-memory, ACID-compliant, property graph database written in C++ that supports openCypher.

Neo4j (2020)

Neo4j is a property graph database with a native engine that is targeted at operational, hybrid operational/analytic (HTAP) and pure analytic use cases.

Objectivity ThingSpan (2020)

Objectivity/DB has proven scalability and performance credentials in highly demanding environments. ThingSpan, which is built into the database.

Hyper-converged has come of age

Modern infrastructure options are now integral to service delivery The IT systems landscape is changing. As digital transformation moves onwards, the technology infrastructure needed to provide the necessary applications, along...

Ontotext GraphDB and the Ontotext Platform

GraphDB from Ontotext is a native RDF database with dynamic indexing that integrates with various search technologies, document stores, and text mining.

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