COVID-19: The Business and Technology Response Report

COVID-19 Report

With the onset of COVID-19, all businesses have had to react incredible quickly. IT leaders and their teams find themselves having to implement and enact changes within the business operation that had not until now been imagined. CIO WaterCooler Research wanted to quickly understand the depth of the challenges facing CIOs and other IT leaders. This report looks at the state of play at the very beginning of the pandemic. The results were all gathered in mid-March over the period of 10 days as companies were reacting to lockdowns which at the time were being introduced.

Andrew Pryor

With 20 years experience building networks and engaging with CIOs and IT decision-makers, I've been advising companies on the best way to raise their company's solutions profile, understand the issues they are looking to solve and engage with the most senior decisionmakers in Europe's biggest organisations. With a keen understanding of the changing role of the CIO and the challenges they face, I've most recently been producing conferences to bring CIOs face to face with the technologies and business strategies that can make them meet those goals.