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Taking control of file sharing services – best practices for the safe and secure use of file sharing services for organisations

Report Author(s): Fran Howarth


The tide cannot be turned back. The use of cloud services is mainstream as many organisations have come to realise the benefits that they offer. However, careful planning is required when selecting any cloud service—and especially services such as file sharing, which could leave sensitive and confidential data at risk if implemented in an adhoc manner. Robust, enterprise-grade services are available that cater to organisations’ needs for availability, security and convenience and that provide the centralised management that is a must for ensuring that they regain control and visibility over what data is being stored where and shared with whom, with robust policy enforcement capabilities to ensure that they really are in control. Such tools will be welcomed by all in the organisation who can then be sure that their information is not only safe, but is also accessible whenever they need it.

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