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The IT Service Management Report 2017

Download This is the second year of this survey and its encouraging to see that the results, views and outcomes for Service Management are generally holding up. 89% of respondents see ITSM as a value add to their business – mostly in support of customer experience (35%) and service quality...

CIO Survey

CIO Survey – The Changing Shape of IT

Digital technologies are more intertwined with business products, services, processes and models intertwined than ever. Whether you want to explore the impacts of cloud platforms, machine learning, robotic automation, citizen developers or DevOps (or any of a dozen other things) it’s easy to see that the opportunities, challenges and expectations for corporate IT groups are all changing fast. We invited people who self-identified themselves as fulfilling a leadership role in a corporate IT setting to complete a short online survey.


Enabling New Workstyles: Transforming Work in the Digital Age

Over the past decade, many of us have experienced a transition where ‘work’ has become a thing we do rather than a place we go. We work different hours and across different devices and we are fundamentally more mobile and collaborative. But that change means we need tools to keep our innovation flowing and out precious knowledge secure.

Inventing the Future: techUK Manifesto 2017

Investing in the Future: Manifesto 2017

Download The EU referendum is a watershed in British history. The UK is now committed to forging a new future outside the European Union and the next Government will be tasked with inventing this new future. Brexit is a huge challenge but there is another, equally important economic and social...