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What should you include in a Data Governance initiative?

One of the many challenges you will have to face when implementing Data Governance is agreeing the scope of the initial phase of your initiative. By this I don’t just mean which data domains or business functions are going to be in scope. Inevitably you will be asked to include activities that are not Data Governance in your scope – but should you agree?

How to write a good Data Governance Policy

Lots of people think that you can fast track writing a Data Governance Policy by using a template or copying one written for someone else. This article looks at why this is not a useful approach and details the steps you need to take to write a good Data Governance Policy.

Data Governance Committees, Forums and Working Groups

At some point in your Data Governance initiative you are going to need to think about setting up a Data Governance Committee. So in this article I will look at what a Data Governance Committee is and what it should do.

Do We Have to Call Them Data Owners?

I get asked lots of questions about Data Governance. A very common one is about naming the Data Governance roles. Many people worry about whether it is necessary to use standard or best practice role titles when implementing Data Governance.

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