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American companies and GDPR – Can one take “GDPR compliance” at face value?

The bottom line, I think, is that (regardless of GDPR and its jurisdiction) a mutable company can’t afford to have a breakdown of trust with its customers and other stakeholders – as Facebook is discovering. GDPR may simply be a catalyst for bringing data-related trust issues to the surface.

GDPR & Your Cloud Supply Chain

GDPR is overlay talked about, most of the discussion being around internalised processes and actions. An important part of reducing GDPR threats is to ratify your up and down stream supply chains, and to make sure that cloud contracts and partnerships are documented and in line with your own GDPR compliance.

Is open banking doomed from the start?

The financial world is currently in the throes of implementing two landmark regulations aimed at making the banking sector more customer-centric, secure, competitive and innovative. However, if you look beyond...


Append-only databases and the GDPR conundrum

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) requires that customers and other individuals for whom you hold private data, have the right of erasure. That is, they can demand that you...

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