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GDPR: Who Needs To Know And What They Need To Do

It’s beyond debate that data is one of a company’s most valuable resources. The total revenue from online advertising in 2014, for example, reached US $49.5 billion, the majority of which is based...


GDPR and its post-implementation impact

Huge amounts of keyboard effort have gone into describing the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the sorts of technologies that will be needed to ensure compliance, the...


Should Businesses Really Fear GDPR?

Perhaps GDPR is not such a bad thing if it enables businesses to get their data in order, once and for all, to capitalise on next generation communication platforms and AI?


Tackle GDPR with a Minimum Viable Dataset

If you manage your data badly it can lead to a blow to reputation, a cost to fix the result of a data loss, and at worst action from the ICO. So maybe we should think of it like stock in a warehouse, great to have, and an asset on the balance sheet, but costly to maintain.

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