Talent Networks, Gig Economies and the Future of Work with SAP Fieldglass CTO Vish Baliga

Expert Contributor Kevin Benedict speaks with SAP Fieldglass’ CTO Vish Baliga. Vish shares the evolution of external talent management and contingent workforces solutions over the past 20 years, and how today modern solutions support new ways of connecting talent networks with the gig economy.

Kevin Benedict

Kevin Benedict serves as a futurist in the Future of Business group at Tata Consultancy Services. He is an optimistic futurist, and passionate advocate for using technology for social good. He writes and speaks globally on emerging and disruptive technologies, business strategies and marketing trends. He loves building teams, innovating, designing new strategies and winning. He is curious and loves communicating complex concepts and evangelizing best practices. He hosts a variety of online tv channels where he has interviewed hundreds of executives and thought leaders on industry trends and emerging technologies. He loves writing, is a social media expert, SAP Mentor alum, current SAP Influencer program member and global speaker on the deeper strategies of business and technology transformation.

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