The BREXIT Challenge

On Tuesday 17 January, the Prime Minister, Teresa May, delivered the most significant address on BREXIT since taking office in September 2016. She vowed a clean break from the EU and an exit from the single market. For months, the PM has been saying “BREXIT means BREXIT”. Now the PM has put meat on the bones with a 12-point plan for leaving the EU – two months before she pulls the two-year exit trigger i.e. Article 50.

However, for businesses with supply chains, markets or operations within Britain or the wider EU there is still much uncertainty and disruption ahead. Keeping track of the likely and more speculative implications, and planning accordingly, will require significant attention and agility.

While many articles exist regarding BREXIT, few offer a genuine framework that will enable an organisation to establish clear strategies to address specific needs for their business.

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Robert Peopall, Managing Director of Aspire Performance Improvement, believes businesses are simply waiting for Article 50 to be triggered.

“If you’re an exporter you should be all over your international markets right now, and if you import you need to look for alternative suppliers to maintain your margins. BREXIT will be a potential thorn in the backside of our organisations if they fail to effectively plan their BREXIT strategy,” says Peopall.

Robert believes businesses should start planning now to survive BREXIT.

In Spring 2016, Robert setup Aspire Performance Improvement Limited (Aspire) to offer executive training, advisory and consultancy. This draws on 30-year’s consultancy experience steering high profile businesses through critical large scale transformational change – such as ERP implementations, mergers, acquisitions and divestments – and coupled with the pivotal role as a Managing Partner for advisory & consulting services UK&I, for Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

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The UK is now faced with the biggest large scale change a business could go through – BREXIT – and Robert has devised the “Addressing The BREXIT Challenge” course to help company executives to plan ahead, mitigate risks, tackle issues and take advantage of opportunities.

Peopall hopes that by enabling these companies to organise, govern and determine their BREXIT strategy for themselves, the course can act as a knowledge share with users encouraged to apply their own experiences blended with Aspires intellectual property.

Join the Aspire Performance Improvement at one of The BREXIT Challenge Series and start preparing your business for Brexit



Salim Sheikh

-- My New Year Resolution? Become a new breed of C-I-O i.e. Catalyst, Integration and Outside-in - See more at: -- Salim is a Transformational Leader who goes beyond managing day-to-day operations and crafts strategies for taking his company, department or work team to the next level of performance and success. His focus is on team-building, motivation and collaboration with employees at different levels of an organization to accomplish change for the better. Transformational leaders set goals and incentives to push their subordinates to higher performance levels, while providing opportunities for personal and professional growth for each employee. People help make an organisation great and change sustainable. This is at the core of Salim's unique style built on mentoring/coaching and skills he's acquired as an NLP Master Practitioner. In addition, Salim specializes in Business Transformation Projects requiring a blend of IT Strategy, Business Architecture, Technology, Governance and Organizational Design while leveraging the value of existing organisational capabilities. He delivers his results by partnering with C-level executive stakeholders and building teams focused on solutions that align business and technology. Previously, Salim worked as an interim Head of IT (Retail & Airline/Aviation). He also setup, managed and grew a proprietary consulting business in the UK and setup offshore IT services companies (e.g. for McLaren Automotive).

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