The Need for Speed (and Quality)

Andrew P. Ayres MBA

I am currently Director for UK & Ireland at ROQ having previously held roles with information technology consultancies in the UK, Europe and the Middle East - working closely with Boards of Directors, CIOs and their teams to make digital transformation a reality. My focus now is on highlighting the strategic importance of software quality in the digital age, publically advocating the ‘shift-left’ agenda and assisting global organisations to deliver real business value via sound testing and QA practices that deliver results, first time around. In my view, this domain area is going to be a huge focus for businesses - especially as software and the information housed within it - is already the beating heart of the digital enterprise, becoming yet more powerful when robots and semi-autonomous machines form a larger part of the workforce.

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  1. Johan Steyn says:

    Andrew, a well written and important article, well done! The stand-out phrase for me is “give Quality Engineering a seat at the top table.” This is a constant struggle for us in the Software Quality field. It seems that most execs are still asleep at the wheel as it applies to the critical role of Software Quality and Testing as we venture into a digitised future.

    Johan Steyn

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