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Cyber Security: The Lost Decade

New Book and Must-Read from JC Gaillard > How to Transform Cyber Security > This is a compilation of the best cyber security management, organisation and governance articles published on the Corix Partners blog between 2015 and 2017. They offer a truly alternative view on how to organise and manage security in large firms, inspired by the direct field experience of their author JC Gaillard, former CISO and leading consultant and expert on the topic. 35 easy to read, bitesize articles which cover all key managerial aspects around information security, from the reporting line of the CISO to the role of the Board, and how to make it work in real life.

Role of the CIO

Stick or Twist?

We all want to ‘get to the top’, don’t we? Of course, what that actually means will be different for each of us. A recent LinkedIn post told of someone who refused another step on the ladder because they were...

Is CISO/CDO/CMO threats to CIO?

Not long ago most businesses shifted to the digital world. Everyone from this sector is racing towards digitization of all internal workflows and processes. Competition in the market becomes stiff (marketing, presentation, strategy) but in the other side delivery of...