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A Story of DevOps >> Episode 3. Freedom… (Leadership)

We all know of great leaders who have inspired significant change. Martin Luther King, Ghandi, Winston Churchill, Moses, Alex Ferguson, William Wallace, Jeff Bezos, Eric Schmidt, Elon Musk, Richard Branson are a few examples amongst many others that have impacted the history of the world. Some have changed the way we live, transformed lives, entertained us and some have delivered freedom to countless many.

Beyond Keeping the Lights On: Why CIOs Need to Think Like Investors

To every CIO pursuing innovation and business-value: learn the most important lessons from Private Equity.

Technology, Digital and Change Recruiter La Fosse Associates interviewed Christine Ashton, Global CDO at SAP, on the six crucial shifts in mindset today’s CIO need to make when managing a team and tech stack, from optimising your exits to taking bets and winning big on challengers.

A judge on the CIO 100 Panel, Christine has a reputation for driving sustainable change at scale, and is a regular on every list of the industry’s most prestigious players, from the UK Tech Awards to the Most Influential Women in UK Tech.